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Team Traning

Your team can jump on board with the minimum training

The key to an effective CRM is simplicity – your team should be able to pick it up and start using it with the minimum of training and no disruption. They’ll know about the functions they need to manage leads, and won’t have to think about any functions they don’t need. In no time at all, Zimra CRM lets your team get on with the job.
Team Traning
All Information
All Information

All the information you’ll ever need at your fingertips

In the past, the information about a client may have been scattered across your business. The lead came into sales, but marketing have the business details and project management know all about the requirements. Not any more. Use Zimra CRM and you can set the criteria you need to see in one streamlined location.
Never Lose A Contact, Never Risk A Lead

Never lose a contact, never risk a lead

Using the right contact details can make all the difference to following up a lead or making a sale. Zimra CRM gathers all the contact details you need in one place, grouped for ease of use. Never get a phone number or email address wrong again.

Never Lose A Contact, Never Risk A Lead
Tailored Communications
Tailored Communications

Create tailored communications to cut through to clients

Share the details of each lead with the relevant members of your team. Then use your own custom email templates to deliver the right message at the right time. Zimra CRM instantly makes client communication simpler but more effective.

Strategise Future Growth

Utilise the power of data to strategise future growth

Regular reports let you take a strategic view of your leads. Spot the trends, issues and opportunities that can boost your digital agency.

Strategise Future Growth
Set Targets
Set Targets

You set the targets, Zimra CRM makes sure you meet them

Zimra CRM can be customised to be the perfect match for your digital agency. When you create Service Level Agreements you can set them within the sales pipeline. If a member of your team forgets to send out a reminder, you’ll be notified. Your SLAs, your standards, your Zimra CRM.

Ride On Zimra CRM

Take a ride on Zimra CRM and you’ll never look back

Zimra CRM offers a complete overview of the leads your business is built on. Gather those leads, respond instantly and maximise sales, all from one simple, high impact platform. Contact us today and we’ll organise a free demo to show you just how Zimra CRM could transform the way your digital business manages leads.

Ride On Zimra CRM
Why Zimra CRM could make a huge difference to your digital agency business

Every client, from the smallest to the largest, is vital to your business. Zimra CRM lets you control the journey of each lead in detail, from first contact to delivering a project. You’ll know where they come from, what they do and what they’re looking for, and you’ll be able to tailor the service you deliver to be the perfect fit. When Zimra CRM will alert you and make sure you’ve got the information you need.

Why Zimra CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What’s the good news for Dental Clinics?
    Zimra CRM for dental clinics is now free for dental clinics, for upto 5 users. Use your time on your best specialisation and leave it to Zimra CRM to manage your customers.
  • 2. Who can be the easiest Zimra Dental CRM customer?
    Those who have been managing their leads in an excel sheet, is the easiest customer of this CRM. They will relate easily to Zimra Dental CRM.
  • 3. Why Zimra CRM for my dental business?
    The foundations of our dental CRM are flexibility and ease of use. You set the parameters to create a system that’s tailored for your business be it one clinic with two seats or a multi-location clinic, you can use Zimra CRM to deal with every enquiry, follow up every lead and streamline your business.
  • 4. What are the features?
    Contacts, organisation info, customer segmentation, patient journey tracking, custom fields and intelligent reports just to name few. You can refer our features page for a complete list of features and their in-depth information.
  • 5. What type of tasks will we be able to perform with Zimra CRM?

    Using Zimra CRM you will be able to perform leads analysis

    • Organise every patient detail in one single place for easy access.
    • You will be able to keep track of tasks and events for optimal results.
    • Schedule appointments, their analysis and take targeted actions for top level of customer satisfaction.
    • Set alerts and reminders.
  • 6. What more can it do for my business?
    Appointment management, patient details, scheduling, follow-ups, treatment journeys, information on doctors and reminders. This is just a tip of an iceberg of what a CRM software can do for a dental business.
  • 7. How will it enhance the performance of the dental clinic?
    With detailed individual lead information you will be aware of each patient situation and decide the appropriate action to be taken, makes sure that each and every resource is working at peak efficiency which in-turn enhances the overall performance of your dental clinic.
  • 8. Can it reduce the heavy lifting of appointment and scheduling management?
    Yes of course, you will be able to manage appointments, keep track of each individual appointment, scheduling details at your fingertips and much more.
  • 9. What about security and data access?
    You can rest easy and have peace of mind knowing that we offer IP restriction, audit logs and log in details security features. Apart from this the cloud-based nature of Zimra CRM makes it so you can access data any time anywhere.
  • 10. How do I get started?
    By just writing to zimraCRM/Contact. Nothing else.
  • 11. How long do we need to onboard you?
    Who writes first to us, is onboard first. But, we have a series of volunteers, to help you onboard faster. Else, if you can’t wait, and want your boarding prioritised, please write to us at zimraCRM/Contact
  • 12. How did it go free?
    Zimra Dental CRM is an industry vertical of Zimra CRM. Zimra CRM was made free for upto 5 users, during the period of Covid-19, as it turned out to useful for customers during this time of managing and communicating with the customers remotely. Eventually, we believe, there will be enough of users who will also opt for larger accounts, which will help us run this for free.
  • 13. How long is it free?
    We aim to keep the 5 user free account free for lifetime for early users. The more we have accounts, the more we will expand it. The one reason is because, this is kept as free is the simplicity with which the Zimra CRM has been designed.
  • 14. What else is free?
    All the updates and feature enhancements for Zimra CRM will be incorporated into the Dental CRM too. However, histride, which is an email centralisation software, comes at a discounted price for the Zimra CRM users. histride helps you manage all your email communications with your patients, in the most efficient and effective way, thereby not loosing the trail of all your emails. And it saves a lot of time.
  • 15. What if we need support or face difficulties?
    For any type of support you can email us at zimraCRM/Contact for FREE assistance.
  • 16. What if we need it for more than 5 users?
    If you are satisfied and would like to use our CRM software for more than 5 users, we have various pricing plans whose details you can find on our pricing page.
  • 17. Is Zimra just a Leads CRM?
    It actually isn’t. Most of the things that you manage in an excel file, can be seen as a use case for CRM. If you have a specific use case, and would like to discuss with us, you can write to us at zimraCRM/Contact. We are happy to help, in all the ways!
  • 18. Is this an FAQ?
    No, it wasn’t meant to be an FAQ, but, some of our customers and friends asked the same questions as above and ended up with 'what else?', which qualified all the above Qs into a quick FAQ section. 🙂
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